Combo Podcast – Lads, Get Your Pitchforks Out! – 2

This podcast started with us being tired… by the end we were even more tired and even less motivated.

We discuss The Witcher 3, Game Dev Tycoon, LEGO: Star Wars, Toy Story 3 and are organising a riot. ALSO 60 FPS IS OBJECTIVELY BETTER THAN 30!

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If you are interested in football, check out my (Salimbo’s) “Football Ramblings” focussed on the beautiful game.


Football Ramblings 2 – Juventus vs Real Madrid

This week I discuss Tuesday’s brilliant Champions League fixture in which Juventus beat one of the best teams in the world.

This is now a weekly podcast with a planned release of every Thursday since talking about football is all I do anyway in my free time so I might as well make it a podcast.

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Combo Podcast – Pilot

Welcome the the inaugural pilot episode of the Combo Podcast. A show about PC Gaming and the culture and tech around it.

This is shall be a weekly podcast containing discussions, news, as well as commentary on the industry as a whole.

This week we discuss Grand Theft Auto V, Cities Skylines, Paid Modding, and Kerbal Space Program.

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Any feedback is appreciated especially since this is a pilot show which means we can amend the format in the future.



Football Ramblings – Pilot Episode – PSG vs Barca

I look at PSG’s weaknesses and why they didn’t make it through to the semis. In my view it is unfortunate as they suffered from injuries and suspensions and they could have matched the quality of the brilliant Barcelona squad.

This is my first Podcast ever and apologies for stuttering as I don’t quite feel comfortable speaking to a microphone yet.

If you like the format – please feel free to follow the RSS feed as I will turn this into a much more serious series when the next season starts.

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