Football Ramblings – Arsenal vs Manchester United

Today I bring you the first premier league game. As usual I analyse the game but also have ideas about how to improve for next year and both are likely to be title challengers.

If you notice the bad editing, that’s because I kept stuttering and it took me four hours to make.

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The Combo Podcast – Episode (and The Witcher) 3

Salimbo brings on a guest who he has met on Steam to discuss recent events but most importantly, The Witcher 3 which was released today. It’s a bit of a free-flow discussion recorded over Skype as I wanted to be able to publish this episode quickly, so I apologise for the not-so-amazing quality.

The Avengers Age of Ultron gets mentioned, and graphics cards amongst some other stuff.

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Football Ramblings – 3 – Bayern vs Barcelona and Real Madrid vs Juventus

This week I bring to you TWO fixtures: Real Madrid vs Juventus as well as FC Bayern Munich vs FC Barcelona. Two amazing games for neutrals just as one would expect.

I go into detail and bring you my personal thoughts.

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Combo Podcast – Lads, Get Your Pitchforks Out! – 2

This podcast started with us being tired… by the end we were even more tired and even less motivated.

We discuss The Witcher 3, Game Dev Tycoon, LEGO: Star Wars, Toy Story 3 and are organising a riot. ALSO 60 FPS IS OBJECTIVELY BETTER THAN 30!

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Football Ramblings 2 – Juventus vs Real Madrid

This week I discuss Tuesday’s brilliant Champions League fixture in which Juventus beat one of the best teams in the world.

This is now a weekly podcast with a planned release of every Thursday since talking about football is all I do anyway in my free time so I might as well make it a podcast.

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